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First hand accounts of people involved in Ontario's forest history

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Oral history is a method of gathering, preserving and interpreting the voices and memories of people, communities, and participants in past events. 

The FHO wants to gather oral histories from people who have been involved in forests and forest activities in Ontario. 

1-Ken, in your book Into the Woods-My Life in Forestry you offer excellent insights into your very early interest in forests and the natural environment and that your Dad worked in the Timmins area in the mining sector.  As a result, do you think you have a special attachment to northeastern Ontario?

Kenneth A. Armson

FHO interviewed Ken over several days in 2013/14 and collected over six hours of audio material on his forestry career. The segment posted here is Ken telling about his life post-high school in England to his first year of forestry university in Canada.

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John Macfie holding snowshoes, mukluks and mitts

FHO interviewed John Macfie in October, 2015. The excerpt posted here describes the winter John worked with his father after the Second World War logging yellow birch behind the family farm in Dunchurch, Ontario, Parry Sound District. The Fall, 2015, issue of Forestry contains an article on John's career and contributions to chronicling Ontario's forest history.

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Are you or someone you know interested in being part of the oral history project? Are you interested in conducting the oral history interview.

Contact: Sherry Hambly 
Phone: 705-876-7271
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Note: all oral history files are copyrighted and cannot be copied or used without permission of Forest History Ontario and the Interviewee.