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Along with written and oral records of Ontario’s forest history, videos are an excellent and entertaining medium to capture, to celebrate and share our knowledge of forest history. While starting from humble beginnings we invite members and followers to submit videos that will educate and entertain. You are invited to use the “form’…(link provided here) to submit a video for posting.

Presented by the Orillia Museum of Art and History.

"Join Graeme Davis – Registered Professional Forester, County of Simcoe, with his talk ‘The Simcoe County Forest – A Century of Growth and Renewal’ as he shares the history of the Simcoe County Forest and how through a century of continued effort, the County has turned one of the most devastated landscapes into Ontario’s largest ‘community forest’ today."


Trees, Youth, Our Future - Episode 1
The Road to Sustainability

A documentary produced by the Eastern Ontario Model Forest.  The first episode, “The Road to Sustainability,” explores the history of our relationship with the forests – from being home to Indigenous peoples to being an obstacle to settlement for Europeans. It looks at the evolution from exploitation to stewardship, culminating in Ontario becoming a leader in sustainable forest management.

Trees, Youth, Our Future - Episode 2
New Forests, New Stewards, A Road Forward

A documentary produced by the Eastern Ontario Model Forest. The second episode delves deeper into sustainable forest management on Crown and private lands and in urban forests, while highlighting challenges faced by Ontario’s forests and opportunities for youth to get involved.