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A Century of Battling Ontario's Wildfires | ONsite

The oldest, continuously flying, non-scheduled government air service in the world celebrates its centennial this year.

The Ontario Provincial Air Service has gone through a number of name changes over the decades and morphed into the Aviation, Forest Fires and Emergency Services under Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. Ontario’s fleet of yellow aircrafts conduct a number of resource management programs including aerial wildlife surveys, fishing stocking, rabies vaccination distribution, but it’s best known for its expertise in forest fire patrol and suppression. Jeyan Jeganathan visits the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre to revisit the rich history of the Ontario Provincial Air Service in Northern Ontario.

To honour the milestone, the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre will be hosting a series of events and exhibits including a virtual tour.

Click here to take the tour:

Producer: Jeyan Jeganathan
Camera: Ricardo Diaz
Editor: Bethany Kaster, David Erwin